Behavioural Economics for Product Managers


Comprehensive Course on Behavioural Economics and applications within Product, and Technology, Management.

Useful for University Level students and graduates, as well as Product and Technology professionals across multiple industries.

Fundamentally this course will help you to understand a variety of heuristics in our everyday work lives and help you apply this academic understanding to the real product world.

Examples include:

  • Understanding Availability Bias to ensure you build the right product
  • Understanding Negativity Bias to help you build a better product (and understand your customers),
  • Understanding Price Anchoring to ensure you sell more of your product

The course includes the following:

  • The course has been updated since its original publishing in Udemy to be a mixture of video and text based instruction.
  • The course contains resources and links to the individual bias descriptions.
  • The course covers 9 different heuristic descriptions including 2 additional heuristics (the Sunk Cost Fallacy and the Optimism Bias) since the original 2021 publication.
  • The course is practical and will enable you to apply your learnings in your Product Management, or Technology, area of expertise.
  • I have included a quiz at the end to make the course more exciting, and to test your knowledge of the content of the course.
  • The course contains a Feedback form and will be updated continuously by the author.
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Comprehensive video and text based instructions on Behavioural Economics and the relevance within Product, and Technology, Management.

Video and Text based instruction
Addresses a variety of learning styles
Created by Economist and Product Manager
Compelling and Relevant Content
Feedback driven course
Constant updates ensures course relevance
Course Quiz
Fun course
Mitigation of Risk suggestions
Reduce risk of costly mis-judgements in your business
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Behavioural Economics for Product Managers

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