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Scrum Project Management for Small and Medium Sized Businesses


Welcome to the Scrum Project Management resource and tool for Small and Medium Businesses , a Notion Template for your business to help you to build Software Products (mobile apps, web apps, enterprise software products) more efficiently.

The Template will take you from the Project Initiation phase, through Execution and into the Post Project Analysis phase. It uses a ‘small scale’ Scrum approach and contains a working Scrum application, built in Notion, and requiring zero modification.

The Template will be invaluable to you if you are contemplating any aspects of a future software delivery, including;

  • Capturing Project Costs, and establishing the cost feasibility of commencing with a project
  • Execution of your Project (”getting stuff built”), and
  • Evaluating the Commercial success of your Project

The Template is shareable throughout and therefore can serve as a vital living artefact to you and your shareholders as you progress. It is practically split into the following practical sections

  • The Project Cost Calculator

Define your expected Project Costs.

Share with your key stakeholders.

  • The Scrum Manager

Execute your software delivery project using a small scale Scrum framework, and within a purposeful application

Use a Scrum ‘tool’ at a fraction of the price of a commercial alternative

Combine all aspects of Scrum management using an easy to use tool

Operate as a Scrum Master, Developer, or Product Owner/Manager

Capture your backlog, manage/operate your Sprints, and measure Team velocity

Minimise work in progress with a Kanban view inside the application

***EXTRA*** capture your team’s adherence to Scrum principles (/Pillars) inside the same singular view

***EXTRA*** contains test data to show by example how you can use the application/tool

  • The Scrum Pillars Board

Visualise Development Team dynamics, using a custom graph which utilises some of the metrics capured in the Scrum Manager

  • The Cost Evaluator

Compare Cost Actuals versus those estimated during the Project Initiation phase

The Template contains full text instructions as well as video links throughout

Indefinite Product Support from Paul @ Product Effect

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Manage Scrum Project +++

Determine Project Costs
🧮Using the Project Cost Calculator
Capture the Project "Why"
🧮Using the Project Cost Calculator
Execute Software Delivery
🏉Use a purposeful scrum light application - The Scrum Manager
Capture your Product Backlog
🏉Using the Scrum Manager
Empower Developers to define low level tasks
🏉Using the Scrum Manager
Product/Project Kanban board
🏉Using the Scrum Manager
Measure Team Velocity
🏉Using the Scrum Manager
Measure adherence to Scrum Pillars
📈Using the Scrum Pillars Board Summary
Evaluate Realised Costs
💰Using the Cost Evaluator
Maximise Work in Progress
📖Scrum Project Management Template
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Scrum Project Management for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

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