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Project Cost Calculator


This Notion template will walk you through step by step the process of costing any project, essential during the Project Initiation Phase.

It answers the question:

"What will my project cost?"

The template has been developed for ease of use, and has a logical sequence enabling you to demonstrate the output to any stakeholder.

As a template, you are of course free and able to modify the content structure, including the ability to brand it as per your organisation template.

The template can be used standalone (i.e. this template) or within a larger end to end Product/Project Management template which uses the Scrum Development Framework. This template is available on

The Project Cost Calculator template contains full text instructions as well as video links throughout

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Cost any Project during your Project Initiation Phase.

Template Project Cost Calculator
Based on that used by top Consultancies
Automated User Workflow / Input
Guided and logic step sequence
Video instructions
Link to YouTube instructions
Text instructions
Contained throughout
Publisher availability for questions
Constantly updated based on feedback
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Project Cost Calculator

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